Voice menus are a routing option that allows you to route callers based on keypress or based on speech recognition.  Callers can listen to a greeting explaining the menu options, then make a selection.  Menu options can be used to route calls using receiving numbers, queues, smart routers, and more, or you can use them to gather information and fire pixels.

Each menu option can be automatically tagged, assigned to a specific agent, or trigger updates to a custom field.

To get started, go to Numbers → Voice Menus (IVR). This page will display all of the voice menus already set up in your account. To create a new voice menu, click the “New Voice Menu” button to create a newvoice menu.

The Menu Setup section of this page is where you will configure thevoice menu name, description, schedule, after hours actions, ability to transfer, call tags and the message played to the caller.